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March 23, 2017
Sunday Service 10:30 a.m.
Child care is available starting at 10:00 a.m.
Join us for our delicious brunch after the service.
We welcome guests!
Pledge Drive Ends This Sunday
~Remember we're funding a new full time minister~

How Much Should I Pledge?

Well, there are a few things to keep in mind as you make your pledge. First, for every member of our church, PUC contributes $240 to the UUA, so if your pledge is less than that, the other pledgers are paying to have you as a member. 

Second, even though our pledge goal of $240,000 is the same as last year, if we all pledge the same amount we did last year we won’t get there. Why? Last year, when we were about to end the campaign short of our goal, two anonymous donors stepped forward and contributed the last $25,000 and $9,000 matching funds, that we matched fully. Both donors let us know that these were one time gifts. 

Another large donor won’t be able to continue pledging the amount they had been, which puts us another $10,000 short. Please, keep all this in mind as you plan your giving this year. And remember, you are funding a pulpit that will continue to espouse a uniquely liberal religious point of view to our community, you are funding a place where those who are struggling to find meaning can find a home, and you are funding a place of refuge and renewal, where each one of us can refuel before facing the week ahead. People like us, pull together to make great things happen. 

For all these reasons, PUC is needed, Now More Than Ever.

For your consideration, here are two charts that may help you plan your giving. One is for those of us who plan our giving based on our monthly income, and the other is for those of us who plan our giving based on savings.

How To Pledge

Your pledge is needed by this Sunday, March 26. There are three ways to do it. 

1. You can visit the PUC website's pledge page.

2. Do it by phone. Either call Gaby in the office on Wednesday or Thursday between 9:00 a.m - 2:00 p.m. at (310) 378-9449, or call member Jean Tordella any time at (310) 403-8661.

3. Finally, you can fill out a pledge form, and either mail it or turn it in on this Sunday morning. Pledge forms are available both at the pledge table on the patio and in the office, or use the one you received in the mail.
PUC's 60th Anniversary Party

Did you attend?  If not you can see some photos showing the fabulous
decorations and some retro 1957 "costumes". LeeAnn Hart has posted some
photos on the bulletin board in the breezeway. 
We enjoyed celebrating with the four Charter Members who attended: Barbara and George Geghorn, MaryAnn Joyful and Elaine Mannick. Yes, do thank them for their vision and hard work 60 years ago!

And if you see any of the team who planned the party be sure to thank them -
we think a great time was had by all!  Vivien Hao, LeeAnn Hart and Tracy
Lewis for the food, Jennifer Hocutt and Tracy Lewis for the decorations,
Linda Jenson and Barbara Marriott for the drinks, Kris Williamson
representing RE and selling tickets with Lily, Betty Paieda for the history
and photos, Susan Owen for the easels, Ann Bailey for interviewing the
Charter Members, Barbara Paulsen for kitchen and ticket-taking duty, Noelle
Portland, Bruce Lewis and many others for help with decorations, Dee Masters
for MC-ing, Maurice Chevalier for the recorded music, Severin and Gary Hart
for their very live music, and Gaby for her wonderful administrative support. Hope I haven't forgotten anyone! 

Judy Shaffer

 "Faithful Freedoms, Responsible Choices"
The stories of faith and the freedom to choose create a colorful and complex picture. The range of emotions and experiences they express help us to see why it is still extremely important, as much as ever, to protect the rights of all women regarding reproductive justice. 
Rev Lee Marie Sanchez
Rev Lee Marie Sanchez Bio
Rev. Lee Marie Sanchez has been a religious professional for 24 years, beginning first as a Director of Religious Education, and then as a Hospital and Hospice Chaplain for two large medical centers in Washington State. She received her Masters of Divinity from our Unitarian Universalist seminary, Meadville/Lombard Theological School in Chicago, and has served as a Minister for 3 of our UU congregations, currently serving as part time Minister to the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Laguna Beach.  She officiates at rites of passage; weddings, memorial services and baby dedications and has now preached in more than three dozen Unitarian Universalist congregations in three states. 
"Peacemakers in a Turbulent Age"

"How do we engage with heart in the midst of difficult times? Let's explore."

Dale Osborne

Max Kane    

Ron Keyes

Deb Ripley

David Sweet

William Karg

Ben Cowan

Sunday Hospitality
It takes many hands to
make a Sunday.  Special thanks
to all of our volunteers!

Linda Jenson & Barbara Marriott

Welcome Table
Amy Fields & Judi Carter

William Koelsch

Top Chef
John & Jennifer Hocutt

Lora Childers is recovering from knee surgery, and John Einhorn is diving in to help with the pledge campaign. The family would greatly appreciate any meals people would like to donate. Please contact John Einhorn to coordinate. Phone and email are in the directory.
Jane Parameter has been receiving chemo-therapy & is recovering at home. She would enjoy cards as well as our caring thoughts.
Gloria Nussbaum is recovering from surgery. Prayers, loving  thoughts, and cards to her home are welcomed. 
To have your joy or concern appear here, send it to
or call the PUC office.  For information on how to do so,
scroll down to the
 end of The View.


You will always be directed to the right person if you email pastoralcare@pacificunitarian.org.

Save the Date: PUC Family Camp
June 9th to 11th 

Join the fun at PUC's annual family camp from June 9-11 at Camp de Benneville Pines near Big Bear. There will be something for everyone from relaxing in nature to joining fun activities.
Sign up early as PUC will invite other local UU churches to join so the minimum is met.
To reserve a spot, please send an email with the number of adults and or children in your party to Janet Kissner at jlkissner@gmail.com
There will be a booth on the patio beginning in mid-March and more details to follow soon in the View. If you would like to help plan this year's event or lead an activity at camp, please contact Janet. Come join the FUUN!
Janet & Andy Kissner, Camp de Benneville Pines Co-Deans
The Confidentiality of the Ministerial Search

During the past few months, the MSC has been asked why the congregation
can't meet the top candidates. It seems undemocratic for the MSC to present
only one candidate. Listed below are some of the reasons for the
confidentiality proposed by the UUA:

  - Imagine the scenario that there are three candidates -- one group
   likes Candidate A, one likes Candidate B, and one likes Candidate C. It is
   unlikely any candidate would receive the vote of confidence needed and the
   congregation would be divided.

  - Ministers may not have told their congregation that they are
    contemplating a move. Their congregants should hear the news from their
    own minister at the approriate time otherwise it can damage the candidate's
    relationship with their own congregation.

  - When the identities of candidates are known, it heightens the
   competitive aspect of the search process and can hurt collegial feelings
   among ministers.

At the end of this long process of gathering the congregation's needs,
interviewing, evaluating, reference checking, and consensus building, your
MSC will present one candidate that in their opinion is the best for PUC.
And then after a full weekend of Sunday services, meetings, and social
gatherings with the candidate, the final decision will be from the
congregation of PUC.

We look forward to sharing more information in April!

Yours in Service, The MSC (Darcy Carroll, Maurice Chevalier, Naresh Deo,
Pam Harris, Gary Hart, Janet Kissner, Caitlin Masters)

What Your Pledges Can Do

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an awesome settled minister? Do we want him or her worrying about how to pay personal bills? Or thinking about taking a part-time job to cover living expenses? 

Wouldn’t we love to have Gaby full-time in the office to have our questions answered and our work done without waiting for her limited office hours?  Wouldn’t it be nice if Severin’s music program could continue to both raise and soothe our spirits each Sunday? Wouldn’t it be nice if the religious education program could continue to grow under Claire’s care?

All this is within our reach, but only if each one of us pitches in a little extra this year. We had some very generous angels last year who donated A LOT of extra money that allowed us to invite Reverend Furrer, a full-time interim minister with great skill at his job, to lead us. This pledge period determines whether we can call a skilled, full-time settled minister next year. Hopefully, this minister will be with us for the next decade, or more. The minister we call will have a long term impact. Will you help to make it happen?

Many hands make light work. Few hands make big burdens. Please do your best to lighten the load by giving generously. Help guarantee that PUC will be a voice for liberal religion in the region and a place to sustain each of us going forward. 

This is a pivotal year for PUC. Your pledge counts NOW MORE THAN EVER!


Your Pledge Team

Tara Unverzagt

Jean Tordella

Lora Childers

Pledging Over 70

Is it better for people over 70 ½ years old to donate appreciated stock or donate directly from their IRA? If you are over 70 1/2 and have an IRA or other tax-advantaged accounts, you have to take a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) each year, whether you need the money or not. Recently, the IRS has made permanent the law allowing you to donate directly from your IRA to a charity without ever reporting the distribution as income. And the donation will still satisfy your RMD.

When you take your RMD directly, you must report it as income, and it increases your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI). An increase in your AGI affects phase out of deductions, exemptions, and credits as well as phase in of extra taxes and higher tax brackets. 

Last week, I wrote about donating appreciated stock. So, donate appreciated stock or give directly from your RMD? It depends on your tax situation.

If you’re married and have an AGI of $160,000 - $250,000 (or $80,000-$125,000, if you are single), you will benefit by reducing your AGI. And if you don’t itemize your deductions, you don’t benefit from donating to charities.

But, if you have highly appreciated stock which allows you to eliminate 15% (or 20% for higher AGIs) capital gains taxes on a large portion of your donation in addition to potentially reducing your income tax by 28%-39.6% of the donation, the combined tax savings may be more advantageous in the long run. The more the stock has appreciated, the more likely donating stock will be to your advantage. 

Ask your tax advisor to help you determine which is better for your tax situation.

Tara Unverzagt,
IRS Registered Tax Return Preparer
Certified Financial Planner

Funding Religious Education at PUC

I'm so excited to be part of the PUC community and leading our efforts, along with the fabulous Religious Education Committee, to foster a safe, inclusive, fun, spiritual space for our children and youth. 

Over the past six months, we've had many visiting families. When I've spoken with them about why they are visiting, they tell me they are looking for community in these complicated times. Religious Education is vital as we come together as a community and foster deep acceptance and spiritual growth across all ages groups.

Religious Education funds we raise now will allow us to host teacher training for Our Whole Lives (OWL) - an incredible resource that provides comprehensive sexuality education for children and youth - as well as provide community events to build intergenerational connection, cover childcare costs so young families are able to participate in the wonderful offerings at PUC, support scholarships for youth to attend local and national UU and Social Justice events, and more. 

We would like to host OWL for 8th and 9th graders this Spring, and to get back on a regular OWL and Coming of Age schedule. OWL, a foundational program, which has proven itself as a community builder for our youth; it is something the families of our tweens and teens would like PUC to continue to offer.

Your support for PUC makes our vital Religious Education programs possible. Make your pledge today!


In faith,

Claire Moss,

Director of Religious Education

Religious Education
We're looking for more childcare providers for Sunday mornings and special events! Must be 16 or older, have some experience working with children and be able to work 2 Sundays a month. 

It’s time to collect Guest at Your Table boxes! Please return them to the office administrator
or the DRE.

Teacher Training Session TBA - Get involved with RE by becoming an assistant or fill-in teacher. Volunteer one or two Sunday’s per month, and be part of nurturing the next generation. 

Contact Claire Moss, Director of Religious Education,
 at dre@pacificunitarian.org for information in all these areas.
OWL: Our Whole Lives

Honest, accurate information about sexuality changes lives. It dismantles stereotypes and assumptions, builds self-acceptance and self-esteem, fosters healthy relationships, improves decision making, and has the potential to save lives. For these reasons and more, we are proud to offer OWL.
Would you like to enroll your child in OWL for 7-9th graders?
Are you interested in being trained as
an OWL program facilitator?
Do you want to help organize the OWL session?
Email PUC Director of Religious Education, Claire Moss at dre@pacificunitarian.org 
(include your child’s name and grade).
Seniors POW WOW
Third Thursday of each month
11:00 a.m. to 12:30 a.m. in the PUC Library

This on-going support group offers fellowship and friendship in hope that our meeting will develop close and helpful bonds among us. Come, participate, and get to know other seniors.

Reading and Responding Book Club
Third Monday of Each Month
Next: April 16th 
11:00 a.m.
PUC Library

We meet and discuss a new book on the third Monday of each month in the library. All genres. We have a pretty lively discussion and quite a good time.

We have decided to let members adopt a month and then they can choose thebook to read for that month. This should assure we have a book chosen wellin advance.

April 16th:   A Man Called OVE by Fredrik Backman selected by Susan

See you all in March.
Tuesday 7:30-9:00 pm. 
PUC Library
Learn meditation and the purpose of meditation in the Buddhist wisdom tradition. Developing our love and compassion for all beings, we can find joy and meaning in life. Give yourself the gift of presence!

Newcomers welcome anytime, no experience required. Just bring an open mind and a kind heart - we can even help you find those! While meditation instruction is free, donations ($10-$20) to support our activity are gratefully accepted.  

Dan Dempster has been authorized by Khenpo Migmar Tseten (Buddhist chaplain at Harvard University and Director of the Sakya Institute for Buddhist Study, Cambridge) and is a certified meditation instructor.
Who's That?
To contact people named in The View please see the PUC Directory which is available in the Members Section of the PUC website.  If you need the password for the Members Section, or if you do not have access to a computer, contact the PUC Office for help accessing it.  The phone number and office hours are listed each week at the very bottom of The View.
PUC's calendar of events can be found here.
The PUC Board of Trustees

                    Mike Buttitta -President 
                    Dee Masters -Vice President
                    Trish Botsko -Treasurer
                    Ben Cowan -Secretary

              John Einhorn
              Randy Ripley
              Tara Unverzagt 
                   Judi Carter
              Jennifer Hocutt

Ways to Contact Your Trustees

This email is forwarded to the trustees, Lead Minister, Director of Religious Education, and Pacific Sage Preschool Director.

This email is forwarded to the trustees & Lead Minister (ex-officio.)


Mike Buttitta, President      mikebuttitta@gmail.com
Trish Botsko, Treasurer     treasurer@pacificunitarian.org
Phone numbers and individual email addresses for all other Trustees can be found in the Member Directory.

To request a Sunday morning announcement contact Gaberiel Gaynair

Please send View submissions to newsletter@pacificunitarian.org 
by noon on Wednesday.


We are located at
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