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P r a c t i c e

Chains do not hold us together as Unitarian Universalists. Nor do creeds connect us. Perhaps it is the threads, hundreds of tiny threads of cooperation, connection, compassion, clear conscience and ongoing communication. Threads of shared values create a whole for us. 

There is a joke out there about how many Unitarian Universalists it takes to change a light bulb. The answer is: We choose not to make a statement either in favor of or against the light bulb. However, if you have found in your own journey that light bulbs work for you, that is fine. Come to our annual light bulb Sunday service in which we will explore a number of light bulb traditions, including incandescent, fluorescent, three- way, long-life, and tinted, all of which are equally valid paths to luminescence. 

That may be funny, but there is a lot at stake on our planet. Therefore, I muse that the case for Unitarian Universalism cannot be made by pursuing “proof,” but rather, by stories. Not the stories of how the world was created or even how any belief can save the planet, but rather the powerful stories of how people's lives, as individuals and as communities, are creatively transformed by practicing this living faith that we engage in.

The word “practicing” is very important.

I just returned from General Assembly 2015, held in Portland, OR. This month’s theme for reflection at PUC - harmony - is a fitting reflection to engage in post-GA. While between 3-6 black churches have been the victims of arson attacks since the Charleston massacre, I spoke to Carol Oates​​, the membership director at the Charleston, South Carolina UU church about what​ PUC might do to assist them to strengthen their outreach. This conversation was a faith-informed practice that we engaged in. I will be staying in connection with Carol once she returns to see what we might do to support the Unitarian Church in Charleston’s work in healing the community there.

Perhaps at General Assembly, both on-site and off-site, what kept this enormous group of individuals unified was the practicing of thousands of smaller acts of cooperation, connection, compassion, clear conscience and ongoing communication that created a shared and living faith that has the power to meet an uncertain future with love.  

“A Homespun Love” 

by Alicia Partnoy

Because this humble and homespun love
— just as you see it, simple, unadorned —
is what keeps our feet on the ground,
is what engenders the fruit
of our nonconformity,

and throws us a lifeboard amidst
the shipwreck.

Every so often our love blazes
like thousands of stars,

gets dressed up to go out
and uncorks 
bottles of effervescence,
cases of laughter.

You see, every so often,
when the moment is right,

our love recalls that is it,
like we are, a survivor.

​P​racticing​ With You,
Rev Kim, 

We are looking for the names and contact info on all graduating high school seniors who are affiliated with our church.  We are planning a special celebration and ceremony for them in the evening on July 25.  There will be more info to come as soon as we know who is interested in being acknowledged.  Please email Vicki Gavel at if you are interested or know someone you think may be.  Thanks!

Who's That?
To contact people named in The View please see the PUC Directory which is available in the Members Section of the PUC website.  If you need the password for the Members Section, or if you do not have access to a computer, contact the PUC Office for help accessing it.  The phone number and office hours are listed each week at the very bottom of The View.

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Religious Education

Thanks to RE teacher volunteers Dale Osborn, Phyllis “Missy” Rogers, Victor Paieda, Kimberly Storr, and Wendy Clancy who capably taught Summer with the Doctors last week.  This week, Wendy and Victor are back with the Dr. Who group, but we still need volunteers for Dr. Seuss.  Let me know you can help and I’ll give you a complete plan and all materials.  You will enjoy a really great group of kids!

Wendy Clancy is organizing a database with all RE families in the church.  If you are not in the latest directory, or if you need to update your contact info, please let her know.  We all thank her for her hard work.

Have a week full of wonder!
Director of Religious Education

Strengthening Spirituality

at Home

Strategy #1:  Practice Gratitude  

Some families do this in prayer before the evening meal, for others it is simply a time of day when each person expresses what they are thankful for at the moment.  Awareness that even in the worst of circumstances, we are given many gifts is key to developing faith that we can make it through hard times.  When one is in the hospital, there is a nurse who was gentle or cheerful, when one is terribly saddened by a loss, there are the people who support with true thoughtfulness, when a test has gone poorly at school, there is the teacher who said he would help extra after class, etc.  When there are so many things to be grateful for that it is hard to choose, model for your kids the one that has the most to offer in terms of connection to others.  Your child may be thankful for the new electronic device, but if so, try to help her articulate what that device means to her in terms of quality of connection or work, rather than expense or keeping up with peers.

RE Meet Up at
Sky Park Indoor Trampoline Park in Torrance

Sunday July 12
2:00 p.m.
1625 West 190th St
Gardena, CA 90248

Meet up at Sky Zone next Sunday afternoon and have a blast with your PUC friends.  Perfect for everyone from Pixie to YRUU.  What’s Sky Zone?  Just ask them:

We’re the world’s first indoor trampoline park. You’ll find trampolines as far as the eye can see. It’s one of the greatest workouts ever combined with awesome, healthy fun. We’ve been voted the number one “out of the box” workout and the “best party ever.” Experience WOW – the weightlessness of bouncing, flipping and landing in a pit filled with 10,000 foam cubes.  Learn more here.

Buy your tickets and fill out your Sky Zone waiver ahead of time here

Playing in the Sage

“What you think, you become.

What you feel, you attract.

What you imagine, you create.”


I found this leaf walking the church grounds.

With all the physical changes that are being made to the environment, it’s nice to stop and notice all of the “natural” changes that are taking place at PUC as well.

Every day discoveries in the garden and the canyon remind me that Pacific Sage Preschool will be a wonderful place for children to develop a deep connection and strong appreciation for nature. They will notice the sun shining between the shadows of the leaves, the fog rolling over the hills, and the wind howling up through the canyon.  As they play, hummingbirds, lizards, insects and crows will be watching. Questions and fears will be explored and with understanding comes hope for the Earth’s tomorrow.

Money might not grow on trees, but it seems love does!

Pacific Sage Preschool


Singing In The Pines
Saturday, August 15 to
Wednesday, August 19

Camp de Benneville Pines that is.  Join Choir Camp Facilitator Scott Roewe, Music Director of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Santa Clarita and Director of Publications for the Unitarian Universalists Music Network, who will be sharing his passion for Unitarian Universalist music at our annual choir camp Singing in The Pines!

Click here for additional information!

Women's Reading and Responding
Book Club 

Third Mondays
NEXT: July 20
11:00 a.m.
PUC Library

Please join us to discuss and to chat.

July: Cokie Robert's Capital Dames 
August: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's Americanah
September: Laurie King's To Play the Fool

Questions? Contact Robin Arehart.

Create Meaning Center logo

Gentle Yoga Class for All
11:30 a.m to 12:30 p.m.
No Class on the Following Dates:  

June 24, July 8,15 & 22
Henriksen Hall

A Class designed for all levels, shapes, and ages.  We will focus on a gentle practice through movement:

To help unblock your flow of energy Increase your mental and physical flexibility while releasing stress and enhancing body awareness

Poses and exercises to build strength, relieve pain and stress, and improve balance

Suggested Donation: $15/class.  Taught by Debi Robinson


July 2, 2015
Our Theme This Month Is
Sunday Service
10:30 a.m.

Child care is available starting at 10:00 a.m.

Join us for some radical hospitality after the service!
Candle Lighting
July 5
The Roundabout to Harmony
Rev Kim Gosney,
PUC's Own
July 5
Wisdom from Black Canyon
Rev Jim Grant,
Guest Minister
In August
Our Theme Will Be

Tree of Life
The Tree of Life in Palace of Shaki Khans, Azerbaijan,17th-century
Come join friends in the PUC Library on Sunday morning from 9:30 to 10:30 and join the Joys and Sorrows Circle.  The Circle gives a compassionate space for sharing and listening.  Orgainized by Sandy McNeil.  
To have your joy or concern appear here send it to
or call the PUC office - contact information is at the end of The View.

If you have a pastoral concern, or know of someone in need, please contact Rev Kim Gosney or email

PUC's calendar of events can be found here.

It takes many hands to make a Sunday.  Special thanks to all of our volunteers!


Welcome Table:
Lee Ann Hart

Carols Angeles &
John Einhorn

Top Chef:
Naresh Deo

Office Volunteer:

Lora Childers

This Sunday's Flowers 

are brought to you by 

Vicki Gavel

Flowers in our sanctuary

  • can bring joy,
  • can be a way to share your celebration or memorial,
  • can be a focal point of meditation,
  • can be a point of relief from a long week. 
Please sign up for your turn to bring Sunday's Flowers on the Flower Calendar inside the door of the PUC Office.

Next Open Date:

July 19


Our Seven Principles

This is what binds us together

  1. The inherent worth & dignity of every person
  2. Justice, equity & compassion in human relations
  3. Acceptance of one another & encouragement  to spiritual growth in our congregation
  4. A free and responsible search for truth & meaning
  5. The right of conscience & the use of the democratic process within our congregation & in society at large
  6. The goal of world community  with peace, liberty, & justice for all
  7. Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part
Unitarian Universalism in Our Area

Pacific Southwest District UUA
The Pacific Southwest District of the Unitarian
Universalist Association consists of 50 Congregations in Arizona, Southern California and Southern Nevada. The PSWD is also part of the Pacific Western Region of the UUA.

Camp de Benneville Pines
Affiliated with the Pacific Southwest District of the Unitarian-Universalist Association and welcoming people of all faiths for programming compatible with the UU philosophy of respect for the interconnected web of life and for the worth and dignity of all human beings.

Unitarian Universalist Church in Anaheim
511 S. Harbor Blvd.
Anaheim, CA 92805

First Unitarian Church of Los Angeles 
(213) 401-1191
2936 West 8th Street
Los Angeles, CA   90005

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(562) 597-8445
5450 East Atherton Street
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Neighborhood Church 
(626) 449-3470
301 N Orange Grove Blvd
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South Bay Unitarian Fellowship 
(310) 374-1451
2603 Matthews Avenue
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UU Community Church of Santa Monica 
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1260 18th Street
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Unitarian Universalist Church of Ventura
(805) 644-3898
5654 Ralston St
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