December 9: God 2.0

A New Approach on this Sunday we will look at God with new eyes. Focusing on the work of UU Pastor Galen Guengerich to reconceive our idea of God’s role as one characterized more by interconnection than judgement. Are you ready to consider a God that does not deny reason? Come for a new perspective on the most important pronoun, role, character, idea, and belief humans have ever had.

December 16: Solstice and Winter Reflections

“Here ye here ye!” To all you earthy pagans who feel like the stories of civilization always seem to trump biology, whose myths have stomped recklessly on the spinning ground upon which we stand. Perk up your ears. Today, on what likely will be a cold morning for us, we look around to honor the fading and increasing light, and the blessing of the cycle of seasons.

December 23: Christmas Pageant, with Apologies to Rudolph

Join us today for a journey around the world on our UU flavored Holiday Classic Mash-up Pageant. Performed by a cast of our own, from young to old, Randy and his young gang will in the context of the Christmas story take us around the world in search of the holiday’s real spirit.